Stay healthy and good looking!

top trendsRacing forward into the New Year, experts are making the following predictions about top trends of 2011 with regard to hair, nails, face and so on –

Nails – for those well manicured nails, it is predicted that rich berry and orange are shades that will predominate.

Brows – Last year saw a preoccupation with barely there, bleached brows, however this year the accent will be on a natural look. Brow guru Shavata urges that the brows should be a couple of shades darker than the natural hair color, so that the color of the eyes is brought out.

Face – Dermal expert Sally Penford tells you how good oats are for your skin and advises use of beta-glucan – a natural polysaccharide sugar derived from oats for the skin, particularly in the winter months. This can moisturize, fight free radicals, help in cell renewal, stimulate the immune system and soothe irritated skin.

Eyes / Lips – Sunny colors and a comeback of the acid bright hues from the 80’s are being predicted for this year – think electric pink and acid orange on the cheeks, eyes and lips. The accent is to be on brightness, confidence and flattering your skin.

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