Stay healthy and good looking!

Hair Care Tips

Even if one is blond and beautiful unless you have a naturally beautiful hair, your good appearance and all the cosmetics and dresses on this earth will add no beauty to you.

However, no one is free from bad hair days, and to recover from bad hair days, one may have to work hard and give lot of care to your hair like your heart. The most common problems for hair aredry hair, brittle hair, dandruffs and split ends.

A Balanced and Healthy Diet:

Protein, calcium and iron inclusion in your diet on a daily basis in excess enhances the growth of a beautiful hair without depriving nutrients required for other daily activities.Vitamins B and C are also essential for hair growth. Moreover, regular inclusion of these nutrients in the diet, prevents hair fall, and conceals bad hair days. Omega-3-fatty acid, zinc and Vitamin A strengthen the growing hair.Selenium in Brazil nuts, alpha linolenic acid in walnuts andzinc in pecan, almonds and cashews, all improves a thick and shiny hair. Proteins in poultry and eggs, not excluding the beauty Vitamin B12 in eggs, enhance the growth of hair. If you are more of a vegetarian, sink yourself into whole grains and cereals. Dairy and dairy products contain essential nutrients to boost your hair growth. Touch and groom the origin for a healthy hair with a healthy diet of carrots for a healthy scalp. Water, elixir of life, is the greatest hydrant of hair right from its follicle.

Hair Hygiene:

image by voguemarie

On a sunny and sultry day, sweat accumulates in your scalp causing fungal infections resulting in loss of hair and skin problems. This makes skin on the head vulnerable to infections, and sensitive to harsh treatments consequentially damaging root hairs. To avoid this, regular cleansing of hair using shampoos and conditioners with gentle massage using fingertips relaxes root hairs and the surrounding tissues, enhancing blood flow and aggravating the growth of a healthy hair. So choosing the right brand of shampoo or shampoo-based natural products is very essential.

Things to be remembered

  • Don’t blow-dry your hair – Whenever I wash my hair, I usually just let it air dry naturally.  I know that this may be hard for those of you who take a shower in the morning before work, but maybe you could try washing your hair at night instead.  If you do blow-dry your hair, use an ionic ceramic tourmaline dryer with a diffuser.  Your hair will be less frizzy and dry faster.
  • Use less hair products –  It’s been awhile since I’ve used mousse, gel, or hairspray.  Overuse of these products cause build-up and leave your hair looking lacklustre.
  • Use quality shampoos and conditioners – Lately I’ve been using Organix’s Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner.  Love it! Not only does it contain organic coconut milk, it is sulfate-free and paraben-free. My hair just feels soft, plus my fiance loves the smell 🙂


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