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Lose Belly Bloat Fast!

Lose Belly Bloat Fast!
Need to lose a few inches off of your belly before that big event but don’t have hundreds of bucks for a “body wrap”? Well here you have it! Just realize this is only “water weight” and bloating NOT FAT. It will come back in a few days time. But hey, you’ll look great in that slinky outfit and no one will be the wiser!
Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • neoprene belt
  • lots of water
  • gas-x
  1. 1

    Ok, what we’re trying to do here is sweat out extra water and reduce belly bloat. But you’re going to have to work for it! Put on that neoprene belt, wrap it good and tight and let’s start moving! Take a jog, jump rope, put in your favorite aerobic exercise dvd; it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re doing some good cardio and working up a sweat.

  2. 2

    While you’re getting your cardio on, don’t forget to drink lots of cool water to keep you hydrated. Believe it or not, the more water that goes in your body, the more water will come out. Crazy right? When your body senses that you are guzzling all of that water it feels like it’s in no danger of dehydration and lets go of some of its emergency stores. So keep that bottle in your hands all day to prevent dehydration.

  3. 3

    Now, take some Gas-X (follow the instructions on the box). This way if you have any gas related bloating in your belly, the gas-x will dissolve those air bubbles and deflate the bloat.

  4. 4

    Eat fruits and veggies all day long for the next 24 hours, no exceptions! Choose fruits that have a high water content like melons and citrus fruit. Bananas are also good because potassium helps get rid of bloating. And of course, absolutely NO SALT and NO SODA! Salt makes you retain water and soda causes air bubbles in your intestines that will add inches to your waist.

  5. 5

    When you remove your belt before you go to bed you should have a really gross, sweaty belly. But that gross, sweaty belly should look noticeably thinner and flatter. If you still can’t squeeze into that dress, Spanx are your best friends! Go right to the store and buy a good pair to wear under your clothing. Personally, I would do that anyway. Think about it: if you lose 3 inches off of your waist from the bloat reduction plan and then put on some shapewear and trim off another 3 inches, you’re going to look 6 inches smaller. That’s a pretty dramatic difference!

Tips & Warnings
  • This WILL COME BACK! It is in no way a permanent solution for weight loss.
  • As with any other diet or exercise program, you should be under the supervision of a qualified physician.
  • Dehydration is a real risk when working up a sweat. Be sure to stay well hydrated. If you feel faint, weak or very thirsty stop and call your doctor right away.
  • This advice is not intended to be long term weight loss or exercise advice. Do not practice this bloat reduction method more than once per month.

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