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Some Useful Health Tips

health tips

Youngsters of these years prefer to be slim in view to look more young and beautiful. This thought is more on young ladies than young men. Loosing weight and looking slim is really wonderful. This is really a dream of those who are bulky in look. This can be achieved by exercising regularly together with diet control. Those who want to be fit in all respects must get up early in the morning. Eight hours sleep is sufficient for a healthy man. Sleeping more is not good to the body. Hence after eight hours comfortable sleep everybody should get up early in the morning. Morning is the best time for doing daily exercises. During morning hours the environment will be slightly cool even during summer. Hence doing exercises in the morning will not make people to get tired so easily. People can breathe fresh air during morning hours. The process polluting atmospheric air will not have started in the morning. Hence the ideal time for doing exercises is morning.

Apart from exercising, people can choose either walking or swimming. Both for walking and swimming morning are highly desirable. Walking is beneficial in numerous ways comparing to exercising. Walking can be performed by all irrespective age and health conditions where as health should be considered preliminarily while doing exercises. There may be some side effects in the process of doing exercises. For a fresher there may be pain or uneasiness in the body on successive days. The fresher has to experience these difficulties until their body respond to the exercising process. But in walking no such difficulties can be found. For a fresher in walking, minimum distance is sufficient for the first day. Then the distances can be gradually increased in the next coming days. In this way individuals can walk considerable distances daily. If both walking and exercising are continued the people can maintain good health through out in their life.

Seasonal Diet For Better Health

seasonal diet

Controlling weight and caring body health should be continuous process in all aspects. Hence body caring must be in full swing in all seasons of the year irrespective of rain winter or summer. If only this can be carried out carefully, better health can be maintained. In order to achieve this successfully people must rely on seasonal healthy foods in addition to regular exercises and walking. These techniques will enable people to gain health skin as well as healthy body. Fruits and vegetables are the various food items available with respect to various seasons. If we can consume these fruits and vegetables with respect to their availability then we will be in sound health through out. Since fruits and vegetables contain minerals and vitamins in abundance, they can be considered as the better alternative for ideal balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables which are available seasonally are capable to keep man in good health all the time. More over, they can be refreshed and rejuvenated all time by taking these foods regularly.

In additional to these seasonal foods if people can take milk and eggs also, nothing extra is needed to maintain better health. Fruits and vegetables are very good supplementary food for eyes, skin, hair, bone, teeth and hemoglobin found in blood. The diet we usually consume are suitable to apply externally also. In this regard certain fruits, vegetables, vegetable juice and fruit juices are recommended to use in our body and face. Fruit juices and vegetables have certain tendencies to reduce our body heat. Hence they are highly recommended for using during summer seasons. No vegetarian foods and dishes are not suitable to develop cool in human body. Hence they are not ideal especially during summer season. In addition to these nutritive foods, people must drink enough water every day. Since water is the main constituent of human body tissues drinking enough water will enable tissues to perform better metabolic activities. Thus seasonal diet and water consumption have key roles to develop better health.

Exercises For Health

health exercise

Year’s ago people had to work hard for finding their living means. During that time majority of people’s job was cultivation. The people who had performed office jobs and other governmental jobs were negligible. More over there were no vehicle facilities at that time as if we are experiencing nowadays. Hence people had to walk long distances for reaching their destination. The only vehicle which was common during that period was bicycles. Since walking and bicycle riding were very good body exercises there were no needs of extra exercises for those people who rely on bicycles and walking. Thus even office going people were in good health condition because of their to and fro walking and bicycle riding. But nowadays there are facilities of two wheelers, three wheelers and four wheelers in addition to regular bus services. Hence people have no need to walk even to cover short distances. Thus these advantages minimized the body exertion of people on a large scale. That is how the need of separate physical exercises aroused among people for maintaining good health condition.

Regarding various health exercises nothing is better than simple walking. On e hour walking in the morning and evening is sufficient to ensure proper health condition to people who have no physical exertion during day hours. If open place can be chosen for walking people can breathe fresh air during morning. Morning hours ensure unpolluted air in all respects. Other fitness activities similar to walking are swimming, bicycling and running at minimum speed. All these activities are capable to provide all body movement and hence they are good exercises also. Other body fitness activities are exercises, weight lifting and body building. Since all these activities are to be performed indoors the advantages of fresh cannot be enjoyed for those who prefer body building and weight lifting. But all these activities are very good for keeping good health in all respects.

What is Healthy Diet

healthy diet

Healthy and nutritious foods are considered as the general medicines of human beings. If people can rely on nutritious healthy food always, then they need not fear about any unhealthy conditions in their life. Unhealthy food deposits impurities in our blood whereas nutritious and healthy food clears blood to a greater extend. An individual’s health foundation starts from his embryonic stage. That is why women are advised to take high grade nutritious food during their pregnancy stages. In addition to healthy food pregnant women should take milk and fruits daily. Milk and fruits are capable to provide essential vitamins and minerals to pregnant women. As far as these pregnant women are concerned folic acid is very important. Folic acid is one among the important vitamins and is an inevitable factor for the development of embryonic nervous system. Since brain is the first part which usually develops in a fetus the presence of folic acid in the blood of pregnant lady ensures well developed brain and nervous system to the respective embryo. Hence, the presence of folic acid in the diet of pregnant women can avoid the birth of mentally retarded children to a greater extend.

Human body needs healthy food for the proper functioning of hormonal and metabolic activities taking place. The scarcity of essential boosters to the above mentioned body functions, makes hormone deficiencies and poor metabolic growth in the body. On account of hormone deficiency and poor metabolism men usually suffer hair falling and infertility. People suffering from hair falling are advised to take egg, milk and fruits to makeup the hormone deficiency. Similarly dry fruits like Dates and Badam are advised for people suffering from infertility in addition to milk and egg. Hence to make people free from various health problems they are advised to take milk and egg in addition regular nutritious food.

Health Determinants

health determinant

As per La Londe report there are four general health determinants which are healthcare services, lifestyle, environment and human biology. Thus health is improved and maintained not only through the application and advancement of health science, but also through the intelligent lifestyle and efforts of the society and individual.

The relationship between health and lifestyle has been examined by Alameda County Study. It has found that people can improve their health through exercise, avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol use, maintaining a healthy weight and enough sleep.

Water quality is a major environmental factor affecting health especially the health of children and infants in developing countries.

In developed countries studies show that lack of neighborhood space for recreation which includes the natural environment leads to higher levels of obesity and lower neighborhood satisfaction; hence overall wellbeing is lower.

As per the WHO, the main determinants of health include the economic and social environment, the person’s individual characteristics, behaviors and the physical environment. The context in which an individual lives in greatly influences his life quality and health status. The economic and social environment are main factors which determine the health condition of individuals due to the fact that higher education levels are associated to higher income and higher standard of life. Generally, people having higher qualification are more likely to get a better job when compared to those having low education levels. Therefore the former are less prone to stress.

When classifying the health status of  an individual the most important factor to be considered is the physical environment. This includes factors like safe houses, clean water and air, communities and roads.

The health of the population can be established on the basis of part of the system called genetics. Genetics are deeply related to the behavior and habits of individuals developed during their life time, in terms of lifestyle choices particularly.


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