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Hand And Feet Care

Now that ladies have become more trendy, and like to experiment with skirts, and shorts, beautiful legs are about a must.Shapely and beautiful legs usually depend on the shape and length of the legs.The one test of beautifully shaped legs, is standing with feet together, and see if you can hold a coin, between your ankles, another between your calves, and another between your knees, all at the same time!Beautiful legs normally have a space between ankle and calves and between calves and knees, and a small space above the touching knees.But that does not automatically mean that just because your legs do not pass these tests, they are not attractive and well shaped.Many ladies think that their legs are too fat or too thin.Unfortunately, the actual shape of your legs cannot be easily changed.However, with exercise you can improve muscle tone, and make them look better.

Lose fat by going on a sensible diet, by cutting down on potatoes, rice and adding up on cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables.

imageWays To Have Beautiful Legs:

1.If you have too thin legs, improve them with exercises.The legs can look much more shapely with exercises.
A.Put your heels together.Rise on your toes.Sink to the ground.Bending your knees back, straight and then get up slowly.This exercise has to be repeated three times, and it is sheer cruelty!But it works.
B.Walking and bicycling are wonderful exercises for shapely legs, at the office, walk up the stairs, instead of taking the lift!.
2.Sometimes, legs may not be fat, but look heavy, because of bad circulation.Put your legs and feet up.In case, you have a feeling of water retention, drink about 6 glasses of water, and get the wastes out.
3.Smooth legs look more appealing than fuzzy legs.Creams can be used as hair removers, and there are quite a number of ladies’ shaving tools present in the market.But the best natural depilatory is a turmeric paste, applying before a bath, and left onto dry.After a bath, make your skin feel good by moisturising it.

The Perfect Simple Pedicure:

1.Preparatory Stage:
A.Position a chair behind a clean, wide bucket filled with hot water.
B.Fold a bath towel into a square and place it at the bottom of the bucket.This will give your feet a comfortable surface to rest on when you soak them.
C.Add half a cup of Epsom salt, a natural disinfectant. You can also throw in a few capfuls of Herbal Vapors, readily available in the markets.The best would be one that contains rosemary, eucalyptus and menthol — three therapeutic, cleansing herbs that make the room you’re in smell just like a spa.

2.Grooming Stage:
A.Use a cotton pad soaked with nail-polish remover to take off old polish.
B.If your cuticles are dry, add a drop of olive oil to the pad before using it on your nails.
C.Clip your toenails straight across with clippers.
D.Use a nail file to smooth the edges, including the sides. Best shape: square with rounded edges.

3.Soothe Your Soles:
A.Soak your feet in the hot water for five minutes, then rest them on the edge of the bucket.
B.Dip a foot file, in the water, then use it to smooth your heels, the balls of your feet and the outsides of your pinkie toes.
C.Pat feet dry with a towel.
D.To get cuticles under control: Use the edge of the nail file to push your cuticles back, then a nail brush dipped in an exfoliating scrub, to clean the area where your nail meets your skin.
E.If you feel that you must get rid of your cuticles, have a pro do it in a salon so you don’t end up with painful, ingrown toenails.
F.Rinse, then dry feet and apply a generous amount of super-moisturizing foot lotion or cream. Massage it into your feet and calves.
G.Wash the moisturizer off your toenails with soap and water and let them dry.

4.Applying Nail Polish:
A.Create space between toes with a foam toe separator.
B.Apply one coat of base coat, two coats of color and one coat of top coat.
C.Confused about which color to go for? For summer, say good-bye to burgundies and browns. The hot shades are bright. Think coral with a sheen to it, hot pink and orangy-red.
D.Use a Q-tip moistened with nail-polish remover to remove any polish that missed the mark.
E. Let your polish dry for a few hours before putting on close-toed shoes.
F.Apply one coat of top coat three days after your pedicure, then every third day after that to keep polish from chipping.
G. If your feet are going to be in the sun, use a top coat with sunscreen, to keep the polish from fading.

Exercises For Your Tired Feet:

Exercise 1.
a.Sit on the edge of the stool.
b.With legs raised, clasp your hands around your bent knees.
c.Rotate your feet, first outwards and then inwards, then upwards and finally downwards.
d.Repeat 30 times.

Exercise 2.
a.Sit on the edge of a stool.
b.Place a talcum powder container on the floor.Put your right foot on it and roll it backwards and forwards from the tips of the toes to the heel.
c.Repeat with other foot.
d.Do it 10 times with each foot.

Exercise 3.
a.Sit on the floor.Bend your knees and keep back straight.
b.Clasp the right foot with the right hand and left foot with the left hand.
c.Raise left and right feet alternatively.
d.Repeat 10 times.

Exercise 4.
a.Lie on your back with your legs raised resting against a wall.
b.Try to form a right angle between your legs and your body.
c.Stay in this position until you feel refreshed.

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