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Here is how to apply a smooth flawless makeup base. Follow the method to have an even skin tone after the application of your regular makeup.


  • Wash your face with cold water and use an anti bacterial face wash or soap to remove any remains of dirt. Then gently pat the skin dry with a tissue paper. 
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    Apply any light moisturizer that doesn’t irritate the skin. Gently rub it in a circular motion over the face and neck. Now use a soft tissue paper or cotton ball to remove the excessive moisturizer. This will give you a fresher look and feel and you will get rid of unwanted oils that cause pimples.

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    Apply a darker liquid/stick foundation to cover the under eye shadows or use a concealer if you have one. Do this to cover any other pigmentation and spots on the face and neck. If you are using a stick foundation then slightly dip your sponge in cold water and use the dank sponge to blend the makeup base. Don’t forget to thoroughly rinse the sponge and remove extra water from it before application. Remember! We do not want a soppy, drippy sponge.

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    Now use your regular makeup foundation. If you are using a liquid base then use a dry sponge to blend it. Liquid base should always be taken in small quantity. Use the tip of your finger and place tiny spots of liquid foundation all over your face and neck. Then blend it with a dry sponge. Use a damp sponge to apply stick base if you are using that.

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    After the fourth step, apply a light layer of face powder over your face and neck. Let it settle for 15 minutes. During this time everything will harmoniously get even with your skin and give it a smooth finish.




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