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Many people complain that they can not stay fit because of their job. There is an ever growing number of jobs in this world that require people to sit at a desk for eight or more hours a day. This is indeed a roadblock on the path to stay fit. Our doctors have always told us that we must be active to stay fit and eat healthy. The problem arises that sitting at a desk all day leads to being very inactive and leads to unhealthy snacking through out the day. How are we desk bound workers supposed to stay fit while we battle our 40 plus hour week at work? There is an easy solution to stay fit while working a desk job.


1.Start your day with a hearty breakfast to stay fit when you are working a desk job. Your breakfast should include protein, complex carbohydrates and dairy to make sure that you get all of the nutrition that you need. This type of meal will give you the energy that you need to get through your work day as well as have a couple of extra benefits to help you to stay fit. By eating a healthy breakfast before work, you kick start your metabolism so that you are burning calories efficiently through out your day. A healthy breakfast will also help to keep you away from the junk food that is available for you to snack on through out the day by helping you to feel full longer.

2.Keep a bottle or large cup of water at your desk at all times. Many people who work at a desk job tend to drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages through out the day. This will cause you to dehydrate and be unhealthy. Drinking water through out the day will help to keep you hydrate and will help you to stay fit by keeping you from snacking as well. Try to make sure that you finish a cup or bottle of water every two hours and then refill for the optimum benefits to stay fit.

3.Get up and move at least once an hour. One of the biggest problems that people that work desk jobs have to face when it comes to their desire to stay fit is the lack of physical exertion. By walking around at least once an hour, you get the blood pumping and the muscles moving. If you have time, you can go on a longer walk on your lunch break or even walk up and down the stairs for a better mini workout to stay fit.

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