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Tips to Have Beautiful Feet

Every woman would like to have wonderful feet. As the warmer season arrives we change our heavy winter coats into lighter fabrics such as skirts and shorts. As our feet is the most visible in the spring and summer season, it is very important to treat them with proper care. Read on to get some useful tips to have beautiful feet for this summer!

Beautiful feet can be reality if you devote some time and effort to provide your feet with the necessary moisture and appropriate care they need. Pamper yourself with an amazing foot makeover and learn how to get stunning feet that will look attractive in flip-flops and sandals all summer long!

Remove Toenail Polish

First start your feet treatment by removing the toenail polish until there are no residues left. This way you can check whether your nails are healthy or see if there are any problems. If it’s possible use an acetone-free polish remover, as it is less harsh to your toenails.

Pamper Your Feet with a Fresh Soak

As a next step wash your feet properly and soak them in warm soapy water for about ten minutes. If you want to make it even more relaxing, you can add aromatherapy salts or oils as well. When you are done with soaking, careful rub your toenails with a toenail brush in order to get rid of the dead skin cells and surface impurities. In order to keep your toenails healthy, give them a break from polishing them all the time. For this reason, every couple of weeks leave them unpolished or just paint them clear.

Remove the Calluses

When you have finished with soaking your feet, gently remove the nasty calluses and the hard skin on the heel area by using a pumice stone. This is a very important step of foot care, in order to prevent your skin from sore cracking and keep your skin soft and smooth.

Cut Your Toenails Short

Long nails can look terrible and will make you look untidy. Purchase a good pedicure kit, which will help you to maintain the beauty of your feet. A proper pedicure is very important therefore save yourself some time at lease once in every two weeks and cut your nails straight. Trim them a nice even shape, making sure that you have left no sharp edges that may cause inflammations.

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