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How to Find the Best Foundation and Concealor for Your Skin Type

Foundation makeup is used as a base for any makeup application and gives the appearance of a health, clear or flawless complexion. Concealer is used for the purpose of additional coverage and is applied sparingly to minimize imperfections such as under eye circles, blemishes, dark spots and blotchy skin.

While the majority of individuals apply foundation over the entire face some only require a minimal application with a touch of concealer. The amount and type of foundation needed will depend on the tone and texture of the skin.

Stick Foundation is ideal for those individuals who only need a minimal amount of coverage. This foundation can be applied quickly and directly over the face with a focus on trouble spots and blended into the skin using the fingertips or a sponge.

Ideally, foundation should be applied using a sponge to prevent bacteria from getting into the product. While it is ok to apply stick foundation directly onto the skin – try using a sponge instead to extend the life of the foundation and to prevent contamination.

Mineral Foundation Makeup for Improved Skin Tone

Mineral Foundation is also used for minimum or sheer coverage to even out the skin tone and minimize imperfections. Mineral foundation is applied using a makeup brush and is gently swept over the entire face several times to create a flawless and often times glowing complexion. Most mineral foundations have a shimmering component called bismuth oxychloride that gives the skin a radiant appearance. However, if you have sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts then you should avoid mineral foundation or use a mineral foundation that does not have this added ingredient.

Water Based Foundation Makeup for Sensitive Skin

Water Based Foundation provides medium to full coverage and can be used on most skin types including oily skin, sensitive and acne prone skin. The foundation is applied by dotting the liquid over the skin using your fingertips and blended over the face with a sponge.

Oil Based Foundation Makeup for Dry & Mature Skin

Oil Based Foundation is a medium to full coverage foundation that works best on dry or mature skin that requires additional moisture. Oil based foundations are creamy formulas that help keep the skin moisturized throughout the day and prep dry skin for the application of blush and powder so that it will glide on the face with ease. If you have excessively dry skin or mature skin and do not use a rich and creamy foundation your makeup may look dry and cakey on the face.

Compact Foundation Makeup for Dry Skin

Compact Foundations are creamy foundations that come in a compact and are applied using a sponge. These foundations are great for dry or mature skin as well as for those individuals that only want to apply foundation to certain areas of the face rather than the entire face. Some compact foundations are applied as a cream formula but then dry as a powder on the face – this makes for an easy application and natural look over the skin. This is a great no fuss and error free way to applying foundation.

Foundation comes in a variety of coverage options for numerous skin types and conditions. When choosing a foundation find a product is ideal for your skin type and tone.


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