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Olive Oil Benefits

There are many olive oil benefits that you should know about. Used first by the inhabitants of the ancient Roman Empire, the olive oil has a large range of health benefits, when used, both internal and external. With the spread of olive oil consumption around the globe, this miraculous ingredient can be used as food or even as medicine.
In early Greece the health value of the olives was discovered. Used in various medicinal practices, the olive oil was seen as a miracle cure, capable of assuring the healthy development of children, curing various elderly problems and giving all the needed nutrients for anyone that consumes it.
Because of the regular usage of olive oil, in time, the Mediterranean cultures have developed one of the healthiest societies. A new research is now comparing various cultures from around the world, looking for various statistics like average life span, heart and cardiovascular problems. Standing out from the crowd, the Mediterranean cultures have far less heart and cardiovascular diseases, and the overall life span for individuals is one of the largest in the world.
There are far more olive oil benefits that we should know about. It helps digestion, making it easy for the body to assimilate various foods giving a boost to the whole metabolic process. This in turn can turn the body capable to defend itself against viruses, bacteria and many diseases. Olive oil is also one of the best allies in the fight against the stomach ulcers.
Olive oil is extremely rich in iron and A, B1, B2, C, E and D vitamins. The E vitamin is one of the most important helpers in the fight against the aging process, while the other vitamins assure a balanced diet and improve the body effectiveness and development. Another great benefit of the olive oil is the addition of “good” fat acids to the daily diet. These acids help the skin, making it more elastic and smooth.
When used for cooking the olive oil is one of the few “fat” ingredients without any cholesterol. To combat the constipation olive oil was used across the history with great results, improving the ability of the digestive tract to assimilate foods and liquids. In order to rip those valuable olive oil benefits you can use it in a number of ways starting with the simple ones like salad dressing or making your tasty fried foods and going as far as using as a skin care treatment by dropping a couple of spoons in the bath or rubbing it on the skin.
Children and even babies could be helped if they use olive oil regularly as part of their diet. You can also use olive oil in your coffee or even your tea each day, or if you are in a hurry, take an olive oil based supplement.
Make sure to use these olive oil benefits, for you and for your family, by keeping an olive oil bottle around you when cooking or preparing a meal. You can also use an olive oil based natural supplement if you are in a hurry. Keep in mind not only the health value but also the nutritional value of the olive oil and use it regularly, keeping your body in shape, safe from heart or cardiovascular problems.

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