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How to Be the Perfect Bride

1.Make sure you and your fiance knows exactly where the wedding is going to be held, and that you have both agreed on the costs, and the number of guests that will be invited.

2.Send out the invitations a few months before the wedding and make sure your guests know exactly when and where the wedding is going to be held and, most importantly, who is getting married! You can purchase your invitation cards, but it’s more personal and special to make them by hand.

3.If you are going to have bridesmaids at the wedding, take them shopping for outfits with you. Note down any wedding/bridesmaid dresses that you like, then compare them until you find your perfect dress.

4.Book the decorators, musicians, caterers, and florists a few months in advance so that you’ll know if they will be availabe for the wedding.

5.Decide if you are going to have your hair loose, curly, straight, or up-do.


Remember, the ‘perfect’ dress should suit your figure.

  • Book the decorators, musicians, caterers, and florists a few months in advance, so that you’ll know they’ll be availabe.
  • Get shoes that are pretty, but also ones that you are able to walk in. Hobbling down the isle in 7″ stilletoes is not very attractive
  • If you want lose weight for your big day, the sooner you start working out, the better.
  • Don’t decide to give your eyebrows some last-minute plucking, it’ll make your eyes swollen and red.
  • Start doing your hair and make-up a few hour’s before the wedding so that you can be sure you’ll look perfect on time.
  • Have somthing light to eat before you put your dress on.
  • Your dress should be the last thing you put on (unless it would ruin your hair)
  • Get a few good nights sleep before the wedding, especialy because the night before it will probably be very hard to get any sleep.
  • Photographers are crucial.
  • Have a flexible schedule, so that if things run a little late it won’t mess up any of your other plans.
  • The most important thing of all is to put all other worries aside, its your wedding day! Get out there and enjoy yourself!