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Why Water is Essential to Any Diet

If you are planning to diet in the near future or currently on a diet one of the keys to success is your water intake.  Drinking water, while extremely simple, has enormous benefits such as filling you up between meals, helping with digestion and serving as a refreshing drink that doesn’t add to your daily calorie count.  For those either on a diet or thinking about one, here’s why your water intake is essential.

Water Equals Zero Calories
One of the basic advantages of drinking water while you diet is that water has absolutely zero calories.  Water is a great way to refresh your body, forget about relying on sports drinks with lots of sugar or performance drinks loaded with caffeine, water on its own is wonderfully refreshing, perfect for workouts, at the office or when it’s time to relax.  Of course, you can choose diet drinks with low calories, but why worry about putting chemistry into your body, when pure bottled water tastes great and requires no special flavor enhancers.

Drinking Water Can Fill You Up
Besides being zero calories, water is the perfect item during the day to hold you over when hungry.  A bottle of water between lunch and dinner can be the perfect way to keep your stomach full and satisfied.  Using water to fill one up is an excellent strategy for dieters to stop snacking and instead do something healthy for your body.  You don’t have to drink a gallon of water to hold you over, as little as one glass of water can easily help to satiate any appetite.

Drinking Water Can Help With Digestion
Another way water has been proven to aid dieters is that it helps with digestion.  Water is essential to digestion and the more water you drink, the more efficient your body usually digests food.  Make sure to drink a glass of water with each meal.  Not only will this help you digest important vitamins and minerals, but can help detoxify the body of potentially harmful substances.

For the average adult, health professionals advise drinking about 8 – 8 ounce glasses per day to ensure proper body dehydration.  Smaller adults and children can drink less, larger adults will require more.  It should be noted that this amount does not change, whether it is summertime or winter.  Obviously if you are more active or if you are exposed to hot or humid temperatures in which your body is losing water quickly , your intake should be higher.

Drinking Water Works With Any Diet
Finally the beauty of drinking water is its simplicity.  Water works well with practically every diet.  Whether you need to lose a couple of pounds or are making a serious effort to change your lifestyle, water is not only essential in order to achieve optimal health of your mind and body, but a dieter’s best companion.

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