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Healthy Hair and Scalp Tips

Give Yourself a Hair/Scalp Massage

Massaging the scalp helps keep your hair healthy and can also promote hair growth. Nourishment is sent to the capillary vessels in hair papillae to activate the hair cells. Many hair stylists while shampooing hair, will give scalp massages.

Massage your scalp in this way:

1. Start from the forehead hairline along the arteries in the front, side, and back of the head, making small circles with your fingertips.

2. Work your way toward the top of the head as if drawing a circle.

3. Massage your hair/scalp for just ten minutes a day: once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Do not give up after a few days. Make it a habit! You can also massage your scalp when shampooing your hair.

Additional Massage Help From Your Brush

Many hair stylists say that the only role that brushing plays is to arrange and style your hair.Excessive brushing can damage your hair because it can scrape away your hair cuticles.

Forget the old saying about brushing 100 strokes a day! Brushing too much or too roughly can strip away your hair’s cuticle, or even cause it to hair breakage.

Additionally, It can also make oily hair more oily and dry hair more brittle.

The type of bristles on your brush can make a difference in your overall hair health. Choose a brush that works best for your type of hair.

Generally speaking, wooden brushes with natural or Boar’s Head bristles are a lot easier on the hair. The natural bristles can also provide gentle massage for the scalp and give the hair shaft a smooth finish.

Soft plastic brushes are usually best for medium to fine hair. The ones with knobs at the bristle ends are generally easier on the scalp but may NOT be good for your hair.

Karen Marie Shelton & Her Hair Brushes’s Karen Shelton is extremely picky about what type of brushes she will use on her hair.

As she explains it, it took her over 10 years to grow her gorgeous hair to her waist.  The last thing she wants to do is to use an “unfriendly hair brush” that will harm her silken tresses.

She takes a small magnifying glass to beauty supply stores and looks at the ends of each brush.  She will not buy a brush that is rough to the touch or has little knobs on the ends of each bristle.

Karen currently has over 100 hair brushes but her favorites are ConairMason Pearson and Kent brushes. She has a small purse sized version of the Mason Pearson.  Karen is also picky about the picks and combs she uses.

Note: The Mason Pearson brushes shown above are from The Marketplace.

Other Brushes To Consider

Rubber base brushes with durable and dense bristles give all the hair types a strong workout. The rubber base flexes so there is much less pulling at the roots.

Round brushes are the best for hair styling. However, be careful using them as they can snag hair very easily. Try the largest size appropriate for your particular style.

Try not to push down too hard or use excessive force when brushing your hair. If your hair is longer, don’t comb straight from the root to the tip.

If there are tangles in your hair, you will force them on top of each other. Comb the bottom third of your hair first using a “hair friendly” large toothed pick.

When this part is free of tangles, comb the hair from root to tip. Use this method whether the hair is wet, dry or during conditioner application. Remember, NEVER brush your hair when it is wet.

Hair is very fragile in that condition and will be more prone to breaking.

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