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Is Hair Rebonding Good or Bad?

Beautiful hair is always a thing of beauty. That’s why every one runs behind attainment of perfect silky, shiny and healthy hair. The latest fashion is of hair rebonding which helps in providing you with sleek straight hair. It is greatly useful for people with curly and wavy hair which return back to their original nature despite straightening techniques. Rebonding is a process which helps in turning your dream into reality. However, rebounded hair need proper care for sustenance.

Every person has his own structure and texture of hair. Some are naturally blessed with beautiful straight hair and there are others who possess curly and wavy ones. Not that curly hair is bad- they too have a charm and beauty element of their own. However, if you want to permanently convert your wavy hair into straight ones, then the process of hair rebonding can prove helpful. Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment in which the cream softener or relaxant used breaks the hair structure. Then a neutralizer bonds the structure again and makes hair straight. In simpler terms, the rebonding treatment changes your natural hair structure and restructures it.

There’s a lot of debate on whether hair rebonding is harmful for the hair or not. You can’t deny the fact that any sort of chemical affects the hair. Excessive use of it can lead to drying and weakening of hair ultimately leading to hair fall. Hair rebonding requires post treatment care otherwise it may turn harmful. You need to be extra careful about taking care of your rebounded hair. Primary tips include using shampoo for straight hair, using conditioners, oiling hair regularly, oiling and steaming hair every 15 days, consuming a balanced diet, and other basic preventive measures.

Hair rebounding is a process which can help you attain perfect straight and silky hair. However, you need to take extra care of your hair so as to avoid any damage.

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