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Nail Art Decals

Nail art decals are a fun way to break the monotony of plain, bland nails. They are available in different designs that even after an year, you can still put on a fresh design! They are quite popular because they are easy to put on. Nail art decals will help in giving a pretty look to the nails. Nail art decals come in different forms and water set nail decals is one of them. You also have other forms like rubber nail decal forms. So, if you want to apply water set nail art decals at home, simply follow the following steps.

Steps for Putting on Nail Art Decals
Here is a step by step procedure to help make your nail art decal application simple:

  • The basic things that you will require are nail art decal sheet, scissors and a nail file.
  • With the help of a scissors, cut each nail art decal design by following the guidelines given.
  • Now, put on a little drop of water in a bowl or a plate.
  • Put the nail art decal on top of this tiny drop of water. Make sure that you put the side down which has the blue paper.
  • Wait for about 10-15 seconds, the blue paper will start to curl.
  • With the help of a nail tweezer, pick up the curled nail art decal and place it carefully on top of one of your beautifully shaped nails.
  • Place the nail decal by placing one finger on top of the decal and gently slide it down onto your nail from the tweezer.
  • Adjust the decal and make sure that it fits properly in place. Press the nail art decal with a tissue paper so that the air and water is removed from below.
  • Repeat the same procedure for all the other nails and, wait for about 5 seconds so that they can adhere properly to the nails.
  • Apply a thin coat of clear nail polish and wait till it dries completely.
  • If needed, put on another coat of clear nail polish to ensure that the nail art decal is sealed properly.

Using a water set nail art decal is easy and fun. If you want your nails to look amazingly pretty, then you should try these wonderful and easily available nail decals.

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