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Sweating and Makeup!

It’s happened to you many times. About halfway through a long, hot day, your makeup starts to melt off. It becomes runny and looks like a complete mess instead of the pulled-together look that you left the house with. Just a little bit of sweat can ruin all of your makeup preparation. There is a way to keep your makeup looking fresh and new, besides hiding in air conditioning all day. Follow these easy steps to make your makeup sweat proof, and enjoy your day outdoors.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • 1 container face moisturizer
  • 1 hair dryer
  • 1 tube waterproof mascara
  • 1 container loose face powder
  • 1 large powder brush

    Look Fresh and New All Day

  1. Apply two pumps of moisturizer to your face, including your neck area.
  2. Set your hair dryer to the cool setting. Lightly blow-dry your face to help your moisturizer absorb and set into your skin. You will only need to do this for a couple of seconds.
    Apply the rest of your makeup the way that you usually do. Skip your regular mascara for now. You do not need to change the type or how you apply your makeup to make it sweat proof.
  3. Sprinkle some loose face powder onto a tissue. Pick up some of the powder with the large powder brush. Lightly brush this powder over your face to set your makeup.
  4. Use waterproof mascara to finish your look. This type of mascara will stay put as the sweat starts to run into your eyes.

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